Our SEO Services

  • Keyword Research — finding the search terms your potential customers use when looking for your type of products or services
  • Keyword Benefit to Opposition Analysis — determining which keywords have the biggest bang for your buck
  • Site Architecture — mapping search terms so your website’s content is amplified to reach your target customers
  • Optimize Content — using best practices when preparing SEO-ready content
  • Track & Improve Rankings — adjusting search terms and content is necessary in SEO or rankings will slip to your competitors

We Only Wear a White Hat

If you’ve decided to add SEO to your business’ online marketing strategy mix, then you are most likely aware of the different “hats” of SEO services available. We offer only White Hat SEO services, as we believe that any other approach is a dangerous long-term strategy. According to Search Engine Watch, Google penalizes more than 400,000 websites every month! Imagine your website going from page one in search to page 50+.

Our Promise to You

  • Strategic Intelligence – Evaluate your online presence using data. Take a deep dive into your Analytics to find how well your SEO (content, links,) AdWords, and website are performing.
  • Training & Implementation – Whether you want us to train you to do-it-yourself or have us implement for you, we’ll create a customized digital marketing plan based upon your revenue goals.
  • Ethical Transparency – Managing your online assets can be complicated. Know exactly what’s involved and how to maximize your ROI.