We support and guide your marketing efforts with clean design and power messages for all your printed needs.

Branding, graphic design services, illustration, info-graphics, graphic facilitation and custom photography are just a few of the tools in our toolbox.

We craft a special recipe of marketing strategy to achieve your business’s individual success. We start by making sure we’re both clear on your target audience. If this isn’t something your company has done – together we research, identify and begin talking with our people to gain a strong understanding of your audience. This will guide all future creative decisions and most importantly, it will be used as the basis for testing the best ways to reach and interact with your customers.


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Graphic facilitation / sketch art / free hand lettering
  • Custom photography and photo-retouching
  • Info-graphics

When helping you promote your business, all channels of communication – digital and analog – are considered. Not all channels, however will work for every business and consequently, we’ll be crafting a specific recipe for your success.

Ultimately the use of marketing collateral is only as effective as the consistency by which the branding is managed across all channels of communication.

Marketing collateral consistency supports the branded presentation of your company and offerings via digital channels such as websites, Facebook pages and blogs, as well as print channels such as brochures, postcards, signage and advertisements. We approach the options based on your company’s particular target audience. Here at Calson Graphics we still advocate that good old fashioned face-to-face connection is still an effective way to communicate an idea and leave them with a personal touch. We’ll make sure those interactions really connect with just the right content and message with all your printed marketing communications.

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