Hi, I am Cate Calson, I’m passionate about designing interfaces and social media communication that elevate the human experience through the thoughtful application of technology.

I’m always on the lookout for a great new project to collaborate on.
I’m always on the lookout for a great new project to collaborate on.

Pen and sticky note in hand, I love crafting concepts and visuals that engage and broaden the conversation. I’m finding that incorporating “big listening” techniques, including extensive online and in-person research, help us understand what drives decision-making and the deeper needs. Then the team tests the effectiveness of the prototypes and campaigns to initiate more compelling interactions that ripple out to both those who agree and disagree.

With 15-years as a freelance illustrator, graphic and web designer working across a broad set of industries, I’ve begun actively repositioning my career toward community engagement. I love the strategic bits of user experience (UX) exploration and research. I’m utilizing my UX design skills to communicate the heart of the message for advocacy, impact marketing, sustainable design, and Design for Good projects. I’ve also been working with companies and nonprofits to produce clean, connective UI, social media campaigns and experiences for their products and services.


Bigger vision

Outdoor steward with techie tendencies. Designer. UX researcher. Photographer. Fascinated by all things centered and balanced such as ceramics, dance and sustainability.

I’ve been told I can’t fix the world, but I believe that I can at least choose to spend my life doing my part to help guide this ship toward safe harbors. Every step we take we make a choice.

I choose to be a part of a global solution that is working toward smarter choices for the human race: to utilize the resources of this beautiful planet in a sustainable way, to use technology to that end, to reduce our waste and to move toward a globally sustainable balance of our needs, comforts, and rewards. I envision a world where all nations benefit from the earth’s resources through collaborative efforts.

I have faith we can and will change for the better.

Happy to talk.